The best resort destination in Nosara, Costa Rica for your next retreat

The best resort destination in Nosara, Costa Rica for your next retreat


Are you in need of a week-long sojourn near the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Rica? If you are, then you might want to consider Nosara Retreat in Costa Rica. Here, you will be able to relax and unwind while your body recuperate to achieve overall health.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to plan a retreat and why Costa Rica should be at the top of your list.

Why Costa Rica?

Proximity to the USA

First of all, Costa Rica is a close flight from all major international hubs in the USA, with a flight from Dallas International airport being roughly four hours.


Use of US Dollars, a favorable exchange rate and affordability

Cost Rica uses the US dollar in addition to their own currency called “Colones.” Using US dollars over a foreign currency doesn’t matter too much in most cases, but many well-traveled adventurers will agree that it is often best to exchange US dollars into whatever local currency you will be using, as doing so will likely stretch your US dollars further.

Scenic and Idyllic

We all know about the scenic beauty of Costa Rica, but when a place is so wonderful it can give you a sensation of the divine or even magical, then this, is the definition of “idyllic,” and this is what those who are searching for a retreat experience are in quest of finding.

3 Tops things to look for in a retreat
Be Specific

Are you looking to be near a beach or in the mountains for example? Also, is an eco-friendly resort what you are looking for as well? If so, be specific about what you are looking for and that way when you run your search you will be able to find the exact items you are looking for.


Are there five people in your group or 30? Many resorts which offer retreats are designed for smaller groups to give the guests a more intimate experience, so be sure to check the company’s website or get in touch with an associate to work out what amenities will be required by you and your guests before booking.



Know ahead of time what you are willing to spend for your accommodations. Knowing your budget beforehand will help narrow down your search and also will help travel agents if used to know what to look for.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer for your next yoga or surf retreat. If you want to learn more about an eco-friendly Costa Rican Bed and Breakfast resorts for your next vacation or retreat, check out the best retreats in Nosara.