Why New Mothers Need Postnatal Massage

Why New Mothers Need Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage can be as important as prenatal massage. However, in postnatal massage, the emphasis is placed on helping the young mother recover or adjust to the changes during motherhood. This type of therapeutic massage is known to help the mother overcome body aches and also assist them to relax. As such, it helps your body get back to its pre-pregnancy condition by speeding up the recovery process. Here are other benefits of postnatal massage.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Massage sessions play a critical role in relaxation and stress aScAsdcSreduction after childbirth. It achieves this by relaxing strained muscles, improving the quality of blood circulation, and lowering the concentration of stress hormones in your body. How this is done can be determined by the health practitioner. At times, the mother gets to makes a choice considering that some women are comfortable with light pampering massage sessions whereas other prefer deep techniques. Both methods are bound to help your body relax and combat body stresses.

To deal with signs of anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are common to most women recovering from delivery related complications. It is common for a young mother to experience postpartum blues related to hormonal imbalances and adjustment to frustrations. Medical statistics reveal that close to two-thirds of young man experience postpartum depression. Going for regular massage sessions has been shown to reduce postpartum blues and stress related cases.

Pain Relief

Body aches from pregnancy are normal. Moreover, breastfeeding the responsibilities that come with parenting also increase this pain. A massage is a holistic approach that relaxes body muscles and relieves pain. Moreover, this therapy can also recover with numbness and tingling.

Decreased Swelling

sszdcdAAny mother experiences a significant increase in the amount of body fluid during pregnancy. As such, the high volume body fluids often leaves the young woman with swollen body parts. Going for massage facilitates drainage of these fluids, shifting body fluids to the right areas Massage also helps in hormonal regulation, which also helps you reduce swelling.

A young mother should go for postnatal massages as soon as they feel contented. If you have maternal complications, it can be a good idea to consult with your physician. It is imperative to work with post natal massage singapore expert to realize the many benefits of a postnatal massage therapy. Moreover, they should be experienced in offering these services considering that the demands of a mother might be quite different from those of an ordinary person. With the right hands, you are assured of a smooth healing journey and transition to motherhood.